Single currency exchange

Our service helps to make any exchange safely and quickly.

Our service helps to exchange safely and quickly.

  • Currency autoexchange

    Exchange the Crypto-currency for rubles as soon as possible
  • Anonymity and protection

    Complete anonymity of transfers and non-disclosure of information
  • Support 24/7

    Our operators will quickly answer any of your questions


Cryptocurrency exchange. Your reliable partner

Blockchain technology and crypto currency created a real «explosion» in the IT community, and now and around the world. The issue of safe and profitable exchange in Fiat and back immediately arose.

Several years ago a profitable exchange of virtual e-currency was a real problem, today it is very easy to do this with the help of our service. Already, you can pay with the crypto currency on the sites, cash out without leaving home and without visiting the bank using

In addition to 100% guarantee safety of the funds received by us , we provide constant support to our customers and try to make the translation and exchange process easier, more accessible, more understandable.

Our site has friendly interface, we try to offer our clients the most profitable exchange rates, as well as take into account all wishes and comments. You can get help from our support if you need:

  • To withdraw funds to a bank account or to receive cash in exchange for a crypto currency
  • Transfer electronic money to a card of any of the banks
  • Deposit funds on your wallet from the card.

Cooperating with us, you get not just only confidence in the honesty of the transaction, but you also save money on making transfers.